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The best therapeutic massage in the world - Traditional Thai massage

THAI-MU Salon is conveniently located in the centre of Surfers Paradise so you can hop in whenever you feel the need for a soothing, refreshing massage. We can provide a quick massage session for the busy person or our full service specialty with traditional Thai therapeutic massage called hWat Poh. It draws on the most effective aspects of chiropractic, yoga and shiatsu techniques so it will not just make you feel better, it will also help realign the balance between your body and mind, by calming your mind and detoxifying your body.

We enjoy pampering your tired body !

"Sawadii Kha". Let us, with traditional Thai massage, provide you with a relaxing moment combining massage with the scent of aromatic herbs. You may not be able to spare too much time because of your busy schedule looking after the kids and everything else, so our 10minute massage has been precisely designed to help you with a minimum of delay. We specialize also in 20minute, 30minute and value deals as well. When you have plenty of time, there is the full treatment indulgence program to reset your entire body and your mind. We provide the best service and our very satisfied clients are walking, smiling proof. "Koop Khun Kha"

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The massage, we provide

Authentic Thai Therapeutic Massage

We specialize in traditional authentic Thai therapeutic massage, the same style of massage the Thai Royal Family has been using for over 2500 years and we will provide that same style of massage to you. There are 10 energy lines through a human body according to Thai massage theory and instead of working on the distressed part of the body directly, the Thai massage will work along the energy lines to flush out the toxins into the excretory organs and recondition the whole body.

[Traditional Thai Massage]
Special promotion price $68 / 60min (15 % off of normal price $80)
*90min. & 120min. treatments are also available.

Improve the lymphatic system with aromatherapy

Aroma Oil Massage

Relax your body and mind from deep down with the aroma of essential oils. This will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage and reduce the fatigue of your entire body.

[Aroma Oil Massage]
Special promotion price $77 / 60min (15 % off of normal price $90)
*90min. treatment is also available.

The Thai Royal Family's favorite therapy

Herbal Ball Therapy

Have you ever heard of Herbal Ball therapy? It is one of the major therapeutic treatments of Thai massage methods. 13 herbs are compounded and rolled in a cloth into a ball shape. By warming the ball and using it for body massage, it draws out the toxins from the organs. We then finish off with a cup of warm herb tea to flush the toxins from the body.

The major effects are

  • The warming of the body and stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation systems.
  • Healing and revitalizing poor skin, relieving shoulder muscles and lower back pain tightness, all caused by fatigue.
  • Relaxing the muscles and releasing tension in the entire body.
  • Easing muscle pain and joint pain.
  • Increasing metabolism and boosting the immune system.

The authentic herbal balls are imported directly from Thailand. This Herbal Ball therapy is totally effective massage for your body health as well as healing your mind.

Well balanced therapy

Thai Foot Massage

This is good for therapeutic support and making you feel better as well. It will refresh your body and mind. This foot massage will adjust your body, decrease back pain and heaviness of your body.

[Thai Foot Massage[
Special promotion price $51 / 60min. (15 % off of normal price $60)
*15% discount will apply to 40min. treatment.

The Drop in Bounce out quick solution

The Quick Results Massage

Even when you donft have enough time, no worries. The Quick results massage takes only 10minutes. In between shopping, at lunchtime or after work, even our 10minute treatment will make you feel better. You are most welcome as a short time massage client.

*The Short time therapy starts from $10 for 10min.

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Gain an Internationally recognized qualification

Therapist Qualification Course

We provide a traditional Thai massage therapist qualification course.
There is The ATMC (Australian Thai Massage College) qualification course (recognized in Australia and Japan) and the Wat Po Thai qualification course (Internationally recognized qualification).
The courses are associated with Wat Po Thai salon and school (In Sukhumvit, Thailand) which is directly managed by the Wat Po Thai. Overseas Student Training sessions are available in the Gold Coast, Sydney or Wat Po in Thailand.

Therapist qualification course detail

For a Limited time only - 15% off for all therapies over 60 minutes.



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ĦTEL: (07)5538-3171

ĦOpening hours:11:00-20:00 (Closed every Tuesday)

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